Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three Pots Planted

I got three pots planted with three tomato plants per pot, as you can see in the picture. Notice that two pots have some mulch on top. This supposedly helps retain water and prevent weeds from growing in there.

The plants are doing well. I didn't notice any wilting with the second two pots, as I had with the first. No idea what caused that.

Oh hey, I forgot to mention that I drilled four holes in the bottom of each of these planters. If the dirt inside were to get too saturated, it could cause the roots to rot. We don't want that! When growing tomatoes in containers, it is important that they have good drainage.

Now you can see what is left in my original hanging planter. Seven more plants! I don't think I can leave more than two in there, or it will be too many.

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